The role of United Nations and other international organizations in the world has a tendency to decrease, and this is dangerous. This is what Director of the Institute of Oriental Studies at the National Academy of Sciences of Armenia, Turkologist Ruben Safrastyan told journalists today.

According to him, this is dangerous and may lead to the creation of a new format in nuclear safety and security, particularly between Russia and the United States.

“Evidence of this is also Trump’s statement that Russia and the US may reach an agreement on reduction of the risks of nuclear weapons,” he stated.

The analyst stated that, assessing the general situation, it is hard to say that we will witness the closure of the Armenian-Iranian border. “Foreign powers, including the United States, aren’t stating such demands. As far as US-Iran relations are concerned, they are rather tense, but the parties will find a way to avoid military operations,” the Oriental studies expert says.

Safrastyan mentioned that the interior political developments in Turkey serve as evidence of the fact that the political party led by Erdogan is starting to become weak, and this is also linked to deterioration of the economic situation.

Touching upon the state of Syria, Safrastyan declared that the US and Russia have created mechanisms that can help resolve the potential conflict, and this is part of the preparation of a new Constitution.