A meeting-discussion was held Friday in Sochi, Russian Federation (RF), on the initiative of the diplomatic mission of Armenia.

The event brought together the Armenian personnel at Sochi International Airport—more than fifty Russian citizens, including those who signed the announcement that was issued several days ago—representatives of the Armenian community, Armenian MPs of the Sochi city council, and the Armenian consul in Sochi. The embassy of Armenia in Russia informed about this in a Facebook statement.

“During the meeting, the airport staff presented their observations and position on the situation, on which a multifaceted discussion was held,” the statement also reads. “As a result of the meeting, it was decided to form an initiative group and to petition to the relevant RF bodies in order to study the situation and then organize a meeting to settle the matter.”

As reported earlier, the Armenian personnel at Sochi International Airport of Russia recently issued an announcement stating that they were being dismissed because of their nationality.