The Center for Humanitarian Demining and Expertise SNCO is performing demining works in the Davit Bek settlement of Kapan community and in the Kornidzor settlement of Tegh community of the Syunik Province.

Based on the Center’s press release, the demining works in the Davit Bek settlement are being performed jointly with the Foundation for Demining and Utilization.

Nearly 16,000 square meters of area will be demined. Currently, deminers have detected 1 F1 grenade, 1 OZM 72 oc projectile and 1 73 mm oc projectile.

The area of military operations is being cleaned in the Kornidzor settlement.

According to the planned task of the Center, the Halo Trust will be cleaning nearly 30,000 square meters of area.

The kit and equipment provided by the US Department of State are being used during the activities.