The issue of certain convicts serving life sentences under cases of murders committed in the army is an issue that needs to be urgently considered. This is what deputy of the Prosperous Armenia faction of the National Assembly of Armenia Naira Zohrabyan wrote on her Facebook page.

“I was at Armavir Penitentiary Institution a while ago. As always, I had long talks with the convicts and detainees and, as always, they complained about the commission for conditional early release and the newly introduced scoring system that we have yet to discuss with the new minister of justice.

I must address an issue that has become an issue that is always addressed, and this concerns the murders committed in the army for which certain convicts have been serving their sentence for 20 plus years. Some of these cases need to be reviewed, and we need to understand what made the particular soldier open fire. Perhaps it was the ongoing humiliation.

As always, I met my fellow journalist, who is a convict, has become a “social psychologist” and is helping several convicts in need of psychological assistance.

As promised, I donated books to the library of Armavir Penitentiary Institution because after I saw the rich library of Kosh Penitentiary Institution, I decided that books would be the best gifts for Armavir Penitentiary Institution,” she wrote.