One of our primary policy tasks is to ensure conditions that will enhance the competitiveness of our industry and manufacturers. The Prime Minister of Armenia, Nikol Pashinyan, on Saturday noted this at the “My Step for Kotayk Province” business forum in Tsakhkadzor.

“When assisting the industry and the investors, we need to be convinced that we truly are pursuing a policy of strengthening, reinforcing their institutional capacity,” Pashinyan added, in particular.

In the PM’s words, Kotayk Province has great industrial potential, and there have also been devotees who have created small industrial companies there.

“[But] of course, this doesn’t mean that we underestimate, in any way, the significance and importance of the other branches of economy,” he noted.

As per Pashinyan, Kotayk has great tourism potential, Tsakhkadzor is one of the most important tourism destinations in Armenia, and, in his view, the government’s next important priority—tourism—also shall develop in Kotayk.

“Also, there are high-tech companies in Kotayk Province, and the government is pursuing a policy in this regard, as well” he added. “And, of course, industrial agriculture is also very important to us, and Kotayk Province has great potential here, too.”