If the Government decides to exploit the Amulsar gold deposit, it will be based on certain principles, said head of Armenia ruling faction ‘My Step’ Lilit Makunts.

“Firstly, Lydian Armenia was granted permission to operate the Amulsar gold deposit not after the revolution, but several years ago, when previous ministers considered mining as a priority sector of economic development, while the current Government has stated that the exploitation of mines should be gradually reduced, and we consider the latest technologies and mines as a pillar of our economic development.

Secondly, taking into account the current situation, the Government adopted a risk management policy for the Amulsar gold ore deposit.

Thirdly, the situation is complicated, and we must approach this issue from the point of view of real responsibility for the state, a real assessment of losses and benefits, processes and risks, taking into account our managerial capabilities. The most important component of making complex decisions is calculating and controlling risks, as well as forecasting results and consequences,” she wrote on her Facebook.