Armenian drivers who import cars into Armenia are unhappy with the way they are treated at the customs department in Vanadzor.

One such driver, Artak Danielyan, told Armenian that on Tuesday, he had cleared a car from customs for the first time there, but had run into problems.

“About Kazakh 50 citizens came and went in without waiting in line,” our interlocutor said. “As a result, we—five Armenians—had to wait about ten hours until they served us.”

Danielyan added that he suspects a corruption scheme when serving Kazakh importers of cars.

In response to a respective query by Armenian, the State Revenue Committee (SRC) informed that the customs clearance of the vehicle of the aforesaid person was conducted in 35 minutes.

“The drivers may have their own queuing mechanism outside the customs office area, which has absolutely nothing to do with the functions of the customs office,” they added.

Furthermore, the SRC recalled that the number of cars being imported to Armenia has grown unprecedentedly this year, and therefore all customs offices and customs points of the country are overloaded.