The increase in fines does not lead to a decrease in the number of road accidents, and only causes public discontent, Deputy Head of the Police Hovhannes Kocharyan said at a meeting of the Armenian parliament during the discussion of a package of draft laws on introducing amendments and addenda to the Code of Administrative Offenses and related laws, answering deputies' questions.

According to him, the need arose for the formation of new mechanisms that affect drivers by restricting their rights, in particular, the introduction of a point system. 

The new approach, as the deputy chief of the Police noted, involves the abandonment of the ‘offense - fine’ system in favor of the ‘offense - fine + penalty point’ system, which will increase the effectiveness of preventing administrative offenses. 

“The draft law has revised the proportionality of certain types of fines depending on the threat to society. Of the revised 100 types of offenses, in 26 cases it is proposed to reduce fines, in particular, by 10 types by 50%, and by 7 - by more than 50%,” Kocharyan said.

The scoring system will extend to 20 types of violations, which make up most of the causes of accidents.