Police of Armenia received information that a human kidney had been sold in the country.

In consideration of this information, the law enforcement on Tuesday called A. S., 23, a resident of Aragatsotn Province, to a police station, shamshyan.com reported.

It turned out that in January-February 2018, K. M., 32, a resident of the Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh), had sold his kidney for about $20,000—and by way of someone named Levon.

Subsequently, he also was offered to sell his kidney, saying that there was a kidney buyer and the latter was willing to pay $15,000  to $20,000 for it, as well as to cover the expenses for traveling abroad and undergoing surgery at a medical center there.

Police are working toward determining the identity of the aforesaid Levon and finding him and K. M.

Also, the law enforcement is preparing a report on this incident.