Participants of the march taking place in Yerevan in defense of Mount Amulsar approached the building of the Government of Armenia.

The march began from the parliament building and passed through downtown Yerevan. Among the participants are environmentalists, civic activists, as well as members of political parties and civil society representatives.

Environmentalists are strongly against exploitation of the gold mine and believe development of the mine poses a potential threat to all rivers of Armenia and Lake Sevan and will damage the resort in Jermuk town. At the same time, there are several data according to which there is not much gold in the mine. On the contrary, during the Soviet era, uranium was found in the mine, not gold

The reason why environmentalists, activists and citizens are doubtful is because the Armenian authorities are planning on permitting exploitation of the Amulsar gold mine. The experts of ELARD have also indicated the potential risks, and the expert examination cost $400,000.

The participants of the march held signs and screamed slogans against exploitation of the mine. During the demonstration, the environmentalists read their statement sharply criticizing the government.