Armenia will inspect all 27 active and abandoned metal extraction mines. This is what Minister of Environment Erik Grigoryan said during the session of the National Assembly today, responding to questions from deputies.

In particular, he said inspections are being conducted in the abandoned copper-molybdenum mine in Kapan.

The gold-polymetallic mine in Shahumyan is being exploited by Chaarat Gold, and the other copper mine of Kapan has been exploited since 2009, but the emissions of the mine flow into Kavart River and then to Voghj River via the rain.

When the mine was given to the government in 2009, obligations were not set before the exploiting Dundee Precious Metals company, after which the company refused the already destroyed mine and exploited the Shahumyan mine for a couple of more years.

The minister declared that inspections are also being conducted in the copper-molybdenum mine of Kajaran and in other metal extraction mines.