YEREVAN. – At Thursday’s Cabinet meeting, the government approved the decisions on making addenda to the Criminal Procedure Code and making amendments to the banking secrecy laws of Armenia.

Accordingly, it is envisioned to enable the country’s law enforcement agencies to obtain information that is considered banking secrecy not solely on suspects and accused, but also, if necessary, on those who are associated with them.

Rafik Grigoryan, First Deputy Minister of Justice, presented this matter. He noted that under the current legislation, law enforcement agencies are limited to the entities regarding which the law enables them to obtain information that is considered banking secrecy.

“We are either fighting against corruption, or we are not fighting,” Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said, in his turn. “There have been such restrictions in the legislation that either we had to make very gross unlawful interventions, or we had to silently follow how they are concealing the looted.

“We need to create such institutional mechanisms that there will be no doubt among the public in this regard. This is one of our most important institutional reforms. This matter needs to be resolved.”