These legislative amendments are aimed at overcoming the difficulties associated with ensuring labor activity and employment for convicted foreign citizens, as well as persons who are beneficiaries of a probationary system, said Deputy Minister of Justice of Armenia Srbuhi Galyan on Thursday at the Armenian parliament.

According to her, at present, foreign citizens can work in Armenia only on the basis of a special permit, and exceptions do not apply to previously convicted persons and beneficiaries of the probation system.

“Amendments are necessary both for the socialization of the punishment system and for supporting the process of integration of convicted persons into society. And for this, conditions are necessary for their work and employment,” the deputy minister said, noting the need for equalizing the rights of foreigners with those citizens of Armenia who were previously convicted and were beneficiaries of the probationary system.

According to her, the bill completely eliminates all discriminatory risks in the work of foreigners in Armenia.

Today 144 convicted foreign citizens are registered in Armenia, 10 of which are beneficiaries of the probation system, she noted adding that there are no foreigners convicted of community service, as the current legislation does not allow them to carry out labor activities.

She noted that previously the labor field was not regulated in the issue of granting rights to the activities of convicted foreigners, and if this amendment is adopted, they will be able to fill this gap.