Today we received very important information about the Four-Day Artsakh War. This is what chairman of the investigative committee examining the circumstances behind the Four-day Artsakh War Andranik Kocharyan told journalists today.

He said the committee called a fixed-term serviceman who had participated in the military operations in 2016. According to Kocharyan, the serviceman provided the members of the committee with very important information that was troubling and left an impression on the members.

“I won’t tell you who the serviceman is. We received very important information concerning the situation on the border during the Four-Day Artsakh War. The servicemen provided us with more information about the events in April 2016 and was directly involved on the border. The facts are troubling.”

When asked if there might be lay-offs at the Ministry of Defense during the committee’s sessions, Kocharyan said the Committee will do everything it can to make sure there are no more shortcomings at the Ministry of Defense.

In response to a question when the Committee will call Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces Artak Davtyan for an examination of the circumstances behind the events of April 2016, Kocharyan said the journalists would know, if he was called for an examination.