The proposed amendments provide for the return of value-added debts to taxpayers, said chair of the State Revenue Committee David Ananyan at a meeting of the Permanent Parliamentary Committee on Economic Affairs during the discussion of the bill on amendments and additions to the Tax Code of Armenia on Thursday.

He explained that the deduction of value-added tax is the amount that the government owes to the taxpayer after calculating the value-added tax.

The total amount of debits is about AMD 56 billion, and the number of persons who have debits in the amount of up to AMD 5 million exceeds 2000. We decided that the refund will be carried out within 3 procedures. Debit funds with a value-added of up to AMD 5 million will be returned without any request. For those with a debit amount of AMD 5 to 40 million, we will use a simplified procedure. Regarding those who have this amount in excess of AMD 40 million, we will conduct research or checks, he noted.

According to him, as of September 8 of this year, the total number of beneficiaries is 2835 taxpayers, of which 2571 are active.

“By the end of the year, debits will be returned to 2571 persons. They account for AMD 50 billion 748 thousand, the head of State Revenue Committee noted.

The bill received a positive conclusion from the permanent parliamentary committee.