Armenian PM Nikol Pashinyan’s spouse, Chairwoman of the Board of Trustees of My Step and City of Smile charitable foundations, Anna Hakobyn has met Wednesday US Congresswomen Jackie Speier and Judy Chu.

During the lunch, Jackie Speier and Judy Chu presented the details of their visit to Armenia and shared their impressions of Artsakh.

Judy Chu said she was really impressed with Artsakh.

Speier admired the high level of civic minds there.

According to Anna Hakobyan, Artsakh is a beautiful place, and Stepanakert is the most peaceful place. We want peace, not only in Artsakh but also in the whole region, she noted adding that the peace is a very important value for us.

Anna Hakobyan presented her Women for Peace campaign. According to her, it is aimed at a peaceful settlement of the conflict so that there are no casualties.