Armenians throughout their history have been a global trading nation and have established trading networks from Singapore to Venice, and from Cairo to Amsterdam, said Armenian Deputy PM Tigran Avinyan during fourth Conference of the Armenian trade network ‘Development of Armenia-Diaspora Business Relations’ held in Yerevan on Thursday.

According to him, today the new authorities of Armenia have taken upon themselves the task of building an inclusive, innovative and economically developed economy.

“Our task is to create a country that will be competitive, will ensure the prosperity of its citizens as a country that keeps pace with the advanced countries of the world. I am sure that you are also aware of the changes that are taking place and are taking place in Armenia, aimed at improving the business environment in order to create better conditions for investment from both local and foreign entrepreneurs,” Avinyan noted.

The economic and demographic reconstruction cannot be complete without the active participation of representatives of the Armenian diaspora, he said.