The dialogue between the leaders of Armenia and Russia became one of the touchstone moments of the summit of the Eurasian Economic Union in Yerevan. This is what leader of the “For Social Justice” political party, analyst of the “Voice of the People” Club Arman Ghukasyan told journalists today.

According to him, recently, the strategic nature of the relations between Russia and Armenia has been manifested in several directions, particularly in the context of Yerevan’s participation in the humanitarian aid to Syria and the implementation of large bilateral projects in the military-technical and energy sectors. Ghukasyan mentioned that Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan had tried to prove that he had had full-fledged and full-format talks with the President of Russia, but this can be referred to more as exaggeration since there was no statement on the solutions to major issues on the bilateral agenda. “In this regard, it is worth focusing on Vladimir Putin’s proposal to Nikol Pashinyan to pay an official visit to Moscow. This can be viewed as an invitation for future discussions on all the current issues,” Arman Ghukasyan concluded.

The Eurasian Economic Union summit was held in Yerevan on October 1, 2019.