Azerbaijanis are no better than the Turks, said Toronto City Council member Jim Karygiannis at the conference “Cooperation for Justice and Peace” held in Stepanakert.

He began his speech with a quote from Hitler: Who remembers the Armenian Genocide?

“Many nations saw the butcher’s knife. Turkey and now holds an action in Syria. Azerbaijanis are no better than Turks, they are brothers,” he said.

He proudly stated that he was included in the "black list" of Azerbaijan.

“I was in Artsakh for the first time in 2012. On the way back, I flew to Canada through Turkey. I was taken to the side, they looked at my diplomatic passport and asked where I was going. I replied that it was not their business. They were threatening that they would not allow me to go. And the translator says: “we will deal with this son of a bitch”. This "son of a bitch" returned here over the years, and we will not let them slip away. We are here, we are talking here. And right now they are killing people at the border. But we are talking about peace, and they will not be able to silence us,” he said.

He invited everyone to September 2 in Toronto, when the flag of Artsakh flies over the city hall. 

“We raise the flag and say - this is Artsakh. Join us, raise the flags of Artsakh. I want to see 20-30 countries that will have the courage to tell Hitler - we are and we have survived the genocide,”