Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev has once again voiced arrogant territorial claims against Armenia, expert on Azerbaijan Angela Elibegova told reporters on Wednesday.

The expert recalled that at a meeting held yesterday in Baku, a number of dangerous theses were voiced. And not just Aliyev. Thus, Turkish President Erdogan announced a joint effort and thanked for supporting actions in Syria.

"The Azerbaijani press has already perceived this as an expectation of the same actions in Artsakh. Numerous joint exercises of Azerbaijan and Turkey, coordination of work in the military and diplomatic sphere. Aliyev allowed arrogant statements on Zangezur. This is a falsification of history and a statement of territorial claims against Armenia. Aliyev is not talking about this for the first time, but we expect a tough response from the Armenian side," she said.

According to her, Armenia needs to determine what thesis is guided by: Artsakh is returning to the negotiating table, because Armenia is not authorized to speak for Artsakh or a solution to the conflict should flow from the interests of three parties. As the expert noted, independent Artsakh provides an opportunity to maneuver, and in addition, its approaches may differ. The co-chairs also said repeatedly that the outcome of the negotiations should be acceptable to all parties.