Speech recognition has been part of accessibility designed for a long time, and it can certainly help people with disabilities, Dr. Alex Graves, Research Scientist, DeepMind UK, told Armenian News-NEWS.am.

“The idea that you could talk to your computer, and interact like that. I think certainly these technologies can help people with disabilities,” he said during the Global Innovation Forum 2019 in Yerevan. “What I did originally was on handwriting recognition and actually the kind of the methods that I developed for that turned out to be also very applicable to speech recognition. And so I mean in terms of practical applications actually handwriting recognition, the algorithm that I developed was being used by the Canadian Post to help sort handwritten letters. I don’t know if it still but speech recognition is used much more broadly.”

Asked whether people are communicating less with each other in the age of advanced technologies, Dr. Graves said it is an open question whether social networks or internet connectivity make people more connected or less connected.

“As you walk along the street you see people looking at their phones. Does that make them less interconnected as people or they are connecting people in a different way? I think it is an open question,” he said.

The second Global Innovation Forum (GIF) on “Transforming Intelligence” is being held in Armenia from October 16 to 18 with the participation of leading scientists and thought leaders.

The forum organized by Foundation for Armenian Science and Technology (FAST)․