The Armenian authorities are leading a manipulative policy to expand their influence and establish control over all branches of power, as well as mass media outlets through the seizure of computers (from the editorial office of Yerevan Today-ed.) and a visit of law-enforcement authorities to the editorial office of a particular news agency.

This is what political scientist Aghasi Yenokyan told journalists today.

Yenokyan stated that the authorities started declaring that the revolution was made so that the people would live the good life, but later they declared that in order for the people to live the good life, they need to restore justice and that they can do this by arresting second President of Armenia Robert Kocharyan and other officials.

The political scientist noted that the ruling political party’s desire to expand power is combined with the absence of a real opposition in parliament which is the “right hand” of the My Step Alliance. “There are no extraparliamentary groups that can try to come to power. What we see is some active efforts of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation-Dashnaktsutyun political party, the statements by the Republican Party of Armenia and the yet failed attempt of Kocharyan to become the leader of the political opposition. However, it is safe to predict that this opposition will be formed out of the parliament within the next six months,” the political scientist concluded.