YEREVAN. – In small countries like Armenia, 4-5% economic growth is not enough to achieve an economic revolution. Opposition Prosperous Armenia faction MP and economist Mikayel Melkumyan today told this to reporters at the National Assembly

“In the 9 months of this year, 16% of the 9% growth in industry is still mining. That is to say, the tasks we set are the solutions that go slowly,” he said. “Generally, business will come where there is fertile ground for business. If it’s not coming, it means something is not as it should be." He added that the whole government is the target of their criticism.

Asked whether there are any positive points in the draft state budget for 2020, Melkumyan said that if the human body is sick, people forget about healthy organs.

And Prosperous Armenia faction MP Sergey Bagratyan said it would be wrong for their faction, being an opposition, to praise the government. "If they have positive dynamics, let them present," he said. "We will not talk about the good, we will criticize the shortcomings."