The mother and father of the four children who died 2 days ago in Nor Hachn are not in Armenia for more than 10 years, one of their neighbors told Armenian

"Two of the children were in bed," the neighbor added, in particular. "The two boys were bathing; they were in the bathroom.”

The neighbor also said the uncle had called to take one of the kids along, but they had not answered the phone calls, the neighbor had come, knocked on their door, but they had not answered again, and therefore they broke the door, opened it, and saw what had occurred.

As reported earlier, a woman and her four grandchildren died in a tragic incident in Armenia’s Kotayk province.

They were found by police in an apartment in the town of Nor Hachn on November 16.

According to preliminary reports, Zhanna Simonyan, 77, and her grandchildren – Eduard, 16, Serine, 12, Tigran, 15, and Zhanna, 14, – died of carbon monoxide poisoning. Two bodies were found in the bathroom and three in the bedroom.