Employees of the canine department of the Mexican Prosecutor General’s Office found and detained five boxes of substance with characteristics of cocaine with a total mass of about 100 kilograms from Lima, Peru, at the Mexico City International Airport, MBS reported

"With the support of the prosecutor general's office of public prosecutions and the dog named Lilly, trained to work with drugs, federal department employees discovered and seized at the Mexico City International Airport five cardboard boxes, each containing 20 pieces of paper. Bags of substance with a total mass of about 100 kilograms ", according to a statement published on the website of the prosecutor general of Mexico.

Boxes delivered to Mexico City from Lima by a logistics operator were handed over to the Ministry of the Interior for analysis and investigation.

In early November, the Mexican Defense Ministry reported on operations to destroy confiscated drugs in ten states. The total mass of destroyed substances amounted to almost 15.5 tons.

The wave of violence that has swept Mexico in recent years is linked to the production and transportation of drugs, the confrontation of cartels for control of cocaine transit to the US. In 2018, a record number of killings was recorded in Mexico - the Ministry of Security reported more than 33 thousand (in 2017 - 31.2 thousand).