YEREVAN. – The Prosperous Armenia Party (PAP) will vote against the draft law allowing early retirement for Constitutional Court members. PAP faction leader Gagik Tsarukyan said this in a conversation with journalists in the National Assembly today.

"If a person cannot actually be blamed for his act, injustice, stagnation, but they suggest, 'We'll pay you money for not working, if not, we won't pay after January,' it's absurd," said Tsarukyan. “If a person has committed a crime, is not appropriate for the job, let them be fired. But such a proposal is not accepted in the world, it cannot be. Why do they encourage him to agree, go sit at home and get some money?"

To the observation that the authorities claim that there is a crisis in the Constitutional Court that is resolved in this way. Tsarukyan responded. "Let them show us that there is a crisis, there is stagnation, and we agree; but there is no such thing. They are giving a pension and a salary without working. We will not support it. And those who do it must think that they will be held accountable for that."