The Armenian version of Charles Aznavour’s book “With a Soft Whisper” is now available. In the book released in 2009 in France, Aznavour talks about his family’s past and the hardships of his career and explains how he achieved fame and success and how the numerous concerts succeeded one after another.

Samvel Gasparyan, the book’s translator, attaches importance to the book’s translation, but doesn’t overestimate the artistic value of the book. “This is an autobiographical novel that provides us with first-hand knowledge of Aznavour. He talks to young people in a low voice, but doesn’t want to sound imperative.”

Hamlet Gasparyan, the book’s editor, stressed that Aznavour has various books that help readers discover him anew every time.

Among those attending the book presentation were Aznavour’s son, Nicola Aznavour, as well as French Ambassador to Armenia Jonathan Lacote.

Nicola Aznavour stated that the Armenian version of the book will provide Armenians with the opportunity to understand Aznavour. 

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