Today, Isakov School #132 celebrated the birthday of veteran of the Four-Day Artsakh War (April 2016) Hayk Toroyan, who would have turned 34. Hayk’s parents, relatives and fellow servicemen were attending the celebration.

The officer’s father recalled the last birthday parties with his son.

“We almost always celebrated with family, friends and relatives. He would celebrate with us in 2012-14, but he mainly celebrated with his fellow servicemen,” he said.

According to Hayk’s fellow servicemen and friend, Vano Khachatryan, Hayk was a brave and funny guy. Vano had seen Hayk on the day he died (April 2, 2016). When he and the other servicemen received the alarm about a heated battle at the military position in the morning, Hayk and the driver immediately rushed to the military position to provide ammunition.

“Hayk wasn’t in panic. A beginning serviceman could look at Hayk and see how an officer needs to act. It was like an ordinary day for him,” he said.

On the way to the military position, Hayk Toroyan and the driver were surrounded by the enemy’s saboteurs, engaged in an unmatched battle and died. Hayk Toroyan was 30 years old.