Azerbaijan isn’t showing political will for long-term peace. This is what Spokesperson of the Prime Minister of Armenia Vladimir Karapetyan told journalists today.

According to him, Armenia is disposed to reach a settlement exclusively through peace, but unfortunately, Azerbjian isn’t expressing the position that would be acceptable for Armenia and Karabakh.

Karapetyan is certain that the international community also doesn’t understand Azerbaijan’s position. “Armenia has unambiguously stated that the solution has to be acceptable for all the sides, and we anticipate the same position from Baku. Armenia will do everything it can to record progress during the meetings of the foreign ministers and the high-level meetings. Yerevan aspires for long-term peace in the region. To proceed with this agenda more effectively, the sides need to show political will,” he stressed.

When asked if Karabakh’s reunification with Armenia is theoretically possible, the Spokesperson explained that all the aspects are on the negotiating table and that the foreign ministers of Armenia and Azerbaijan can and should discuss them.