The US Senate passed Armenian Genocide Resolution N150 due to honor and dignity that are strong in the United States. This is what chairman of the board of Heritage Party, former US citizen Raffi Hovannisian told journalists today.

According to him, the Americans made their contribution for the first time 104 years ago. “In essence, they were the first who saw the genocide, and they have maintained several accounts and documents in their archives,” Hovannisian clarified.

The politician stated that the passage of the resolution is the merit of the US government and the Armenian American community, and the reason for passage was Turkey’s destructive actions and its position on Syria. He emphasized that such decisions won’t help Armenians return to their homeland, even though Ankara fears the US government’s stance on this issues since Washington’s opinion has an impact on Turkey’s positions in the international arena. Hovannisian also urged citizens not to overestimate or underestimate this decision.

On December 12, the US Senate unanimously passed the Armenian Genocide Resolution.