Yeremyan Projects invited the world-renowned Michelin Star Chef Italo Bassi and famous Chef Rafael Kazumyan for “Four-Hands” dinner which was held on December 12 at Livingston conceptual fusion restaurant.

Italo Bassi is a chef-legend who, as the irreplaceable chef and face of the Florence's Enoteca Pinchiorri restaurant, has won three Michelin stars for that restaurant and retained that stellar title for about 12 years. In 2015, Italo Bassi opened his own Confusion restaurant featuring Italian high cuisine and Japanese cuisine. In 2018 Confusion received its first Michelin star.

Rafael Kazumyan is an alumnus Cordon Bleu Paris, which is considered the best in the culinary world. He is the winner of the 1st “MasterChef” show in Russia, founder of the first Private Chef Service Company in Moscow. He worked at several Michelin-star restaurant. Rafael Kazumyan is known to Armenian audience as the host of the "Hot Kitchen" culinary show.

The two culinary art professionals presented to the guests a real “symphony of taste” for the real fans of the high cuisine and high-quality service. During the “Four Hand Dinner”, the guests enjoyed local products in the new way.

The general Director of Yeremyan Projects David Yeremyan said in his speech: Livingston restaurant has a mission of disseminating and developmentof high and fusion cuisine’s culture and culinary arts. We continuously create, make innovations, organize events. Dinner in 4-Hand Format by Italo Bassi and Rafael Kazumyan was the best example of presenting high-cuisine culture. The rich set menu prepared by the Armenian products was impressive and exemplary. Today we have already had a goal to make the dishes of the national cuisine fusion, and we will accomplish that with the help of our skilled and professional chefs. "

Several Michelin stars holder chef Italo Bassi shared his impressions: “The four hands format is unique in itself. It brings together two different chefs who don't know each other, have different culinary traditions and signature, but it's not an obstacle to satisfy. I think our partnership with Rafael is successful. Rafael and I have entirely different characters that created harmony in the kitchen. Rafael is a really talented chef. It is nice to see that there are experts in Italian cuisine in Armenia too. I also appreciate the willingness and high professionalism of the culinary team, which helped to have a great result and to please the guests.”

Talking about the cooperation, chef Rafael Kazumyan noted: “The four hands format is not a novelty for me, I have had such collaborations before. I like this format a lot. It's the teamwork that is most interesting. It was a great pleasure for me to work with Italo, as I am a big fan of Italian cuisine. During my career, I have specialized in this field and have had experience working with Italian Chefs, which has facilitated our cooperation. We have developed a set menu in the traditional Italian style using Armenian products. We can say that this is a fusion that combines different culinary traditions. The best manifestations of fusion cuisine in Armenia can be found at Livingston Restaurant, which I think is one of the best high cuisine restaurants in Armenia”.

Set menu was prepared by the unique preparation techniques, including the following dishes: courgette carpaccio with smoked suluguni and bottarga, warm trout in sheets of nori with broccoli purée, green curry, red caviar, ravioli with creamy polenta, rabbit ragout, carrot, pumpkin risotto, parmesan fondue, morel mushroom, stuffed quail with herbs, Jerusalem artichoke, truffle persimmon mousse, halva, a chocolate sphere with nuts and tangerine.

Before the main courses, guests tempted by chefs' Welcome from kitchen' dishes: tomato mozzarella, olives, quail eggs with black caviar.

The masterpieces of the prestigious chefs were enjoyed by guests at the unique conceptual Livingston restaurant, featuring a menu of high European cuisine, high-quality service and superb music.