The creator of the popular Sci-Hub site for downloading scientific articles, Alexandra Elbakyan, was accused of hacking systems at 39 British universities, The Sunday Times reported.

“Alexandra Elbakyan is founder of Sci-Hub, a website that publishes millions of academic papers free that would otherwise be available only through subscriptions or one-off payments. She has created a repository of 78m works by using log-in credentials obtained through email scams, password breaking, dark web purchases and even willing participants, according to Andrew Pitts of PSI, a group that fights academic piracy,” the source noted.

According to him, sh hacked Cambridge, Oxford, Warwick Universities, Imperial College London and others.

Elbakyan rejected the accusations. According to her, such an assumption is logical, since she was educated in the field of computer security and, as a teenager, was fond of hacking, but this is not her way.