Union of Advanced Technology Enterprises is dissatisfied with the level of involvement of enterprises in the process of promoting the image of Armenia as a country offering "surprising engineering."  said Director of VOLO Company, coordinator of PR promotion of Armenia in the Union of Advanced Technology Enterprises Armen Kocharyan.

"Since the country's PR ultimately contributes to the development of enterprises in this country, I would like to be more actively involved in this process," he said highlighting the need to recognize the fact that by joint efforts, much more tangible results can be achieved.

"Everyone is busy with their operational tasks and does not have the opportunity to concentrate on other general issues," he said. 

Along with this, certain results were achieved. Considerable work has been done on SMM using platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter. A closed group of beneficiaries was formed, which discussed issues of projects, presentations and events. Relations were established with the embassies of foreign states accredited in Armenia in order to promote the country's image.

The only problem was that all the processes were carried out at the expense of VOLO resources, the rest of the companies did not respond. The participants in the discussion agreed that this is a classic situation where resources are simply not enough to achieve the set goals. Opinions were also voiced that planning should set more realistic goals that can be achieved with existing resources.