Armenian News - presents a daily digest of the top news:

·       Armenia’s top officials visited the Armenian Genocide Memorial to pay tribute to the victims of the Baku pogroms.

On January 13, 1990, the mass pogroms of the native Armenian population began in the Azerbaijani capital. The Soviet Azerbaijan leadership had officially acknowledged that the pogroms were committed on national grounds.

PM Nikol Pashinyan has declared that ‘with all responsibility that we will not allow new attempts to exterminate or deport Armenians.’

According to Artsakh MFA’s statement, ‘promoting hatred towards Armenians has become integral part of Azerbaijan policy.’

As parliament speaker Ararat Mirzoyan, in his turn, noted the only path to ensuring Artsakh's security is self-determination.

Meanwhile, Armenian president said a statement, ‘there is no period of limitation for the crimes against humanity.’

·       Tomorrow's first flight of RyanAir from Armenia to Italy may be delayed, Tatevik Revazian, Chair of the Civil Aviation Committee of Armenia told reporters on Monday.

According to her, the air traffic controllers have decided to go on strike in Italy.

“And that will affect Ryanair. It's not Ryanair's fault, it has nothing to do with us either,” she noted.

·       Croatia said they had completed internal procedures necessary for Armenia-EU deal ratification, said spokesperson for Armenian MFA Anna Naghdalyan.

She added that Sweden, Slovenia, Belgium and France have completed the procedure, but have not yet notified the General Secretariat.

·       Armenian woman, 39, died of a swine flu in Armenia on Friday, the first confirmed death from А H1N1 (swine flu) registered this year. The woman had a fever during ten days, but did not hurry consult a physician.

They took her to hospital when she fell unconscious. The woman suffered respiratory failure and other problems caused by the flu. The doctors did not manage to save her life.

·       Professor Areg Danagoulian and colleagues at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) were named the 2019 Arms Control Persons of the Year through an online poll that drew participants from over 100 countries.

The annual contest is organized by the independent, nongovernmental Arms Control Association.

·       While on a working visit to the UAE, Armenian President Armen Sarkissian participated in the opening ceremony of the Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week in the capital, Abu Dhabi.

The award ceremony of the Zayed Sustainability Prize was also held as part of the official opening of this international forum.

And Sarkissian presented an award to Al Amal Junior High School in Morocco.

·       After a long break it snowed in Yerevan early morning and covered the whole city.

Winter is midway, but Yerevan had not seen snow so far this winter. Many Facebook users wrote in their comments: “Finally.”

To the drivers' delight, the streets of Yerevan are passable this morning as the city authorities scattered salt on the roads at night.