The dispassionate attitude of the court to the fact that threats may be voiced in the courtroom is depressing, the lawyer of the Armenian second president Robert Kocharyan Hayk Alumyan told reporters.

As reported earlier, today's trial did not take place due to the absence of CST former Secretary General Yuri Khachaturov’s attorney, Mihra Poghosyan. The lawyer informed the court that he was not participating, since the court was not able to ensure the parties competitiveness and allowed insults and threats to be heard. 

At the previous trial, the representative of the injured party made a statement - ‘respond with respect on March 1, otherwise you will find yourself …' The second half of the phrase could not be heard. The defense side took this as a threat.

“We are not afraid of the threat. However, the fact that a threat may sound in the courtroom and the court will be dispassionate about it depresses us,” the attorney noted.

Judge Anna Danibekyan did not find anything offensive, defiant or threatening in the words of the injured party.