An ambulance doctor in Saint Petersburg is charged with beating an old Armenian man who has been transferred to the traumatology unit in another car, reports Fontanka.

The old pensioner’s wife told Fontanka that her husband, 76-year-old Zhora Mirzoyan had suffered a heart attack in the past and had arrhythmia. On the morning of January 9, his blood pressure rose to 190 and he started suffocating. The spouses called an ambulance and told the doctors that they would only go to the war veterans’ hospital located at 3 Staroruskaya Street. According to the wife, Mirzoyan wasn’t provided with medical assistance, but was asked to sit in the car. When the driver took a different route on the way to the hospital, the patient got angry and started hitting the window. The driver stopped the car, Dr. Bondarev came out of the front of the car and asked what had happened. In response to the patient’s demand to go to the specific clinic, the doctor said he would take him wherever he wanted to. The pensioner tried to get out of the car, but Bondarev tried to stop him by using force.

“He grabbed my husband’s throat, closed his mouth and started choking him. I started screaming. The doctor hit my husband’s nose, and he started bleeding. I wanted to stand between them, but the nurse pushed me and kept my arms behind me,” the injured party’s wife said.

The spouses called the police, and from the police station they went to the traumatology unit where the man underwent a checkup, and doctors put stitches on his nose.