Fifty-nine people were detained after clashes near the Central Bank between protesters and police forces, AP reported.

According to the source, clashes broke out the night before, leaving 47 policemen injured. Protesters broke the windows of private banks in the commercial area of Beirut.

Earlier Tuesday, protesters gathered outside a central bank in the bustling Hamra neighborhood expressing dissatisfaction with Central Bank policies, which they said only exacerbated the country's financial problems.

The meeting turned into a collision when the participants tried through a police cordon at the bank. According to AP, the clashes lasted over 5 hours, the police used tear gas, and demonstrators threw stones and firecrackers at them.

Lebanon has faced the worst economic crisis in decades. Local currency has lost more than 60% of its value.

Meanwhile, banks have introduced informal controls on capital flows, limiting the dollars’ withdrawal and foreign transfers in the country.

For three months of protests, Beirut’s commercial center became the scene of clashes for the first time. Traffic resumed, shops and banks reopened on Wednesday.