We regularly meet with government officials and discuss the issues that could be issues on the agenda at the particular moment. This is what head of the My Step faction of the National Assembly of Armenia Lilit Makunts told reporters before the deputies’ meeting with Minister of Foreign Affairs Zohrab Mnatsakanyan today.

“After our discussions, we form a list of certain topics and hold a question-and-answer session. We’ll see what the foreign minister has to say today. There is nothing special. This is a regular discussion, and we attach importance to the relationship between the government and parliament,” Makunts said, adding that she will be able to state the topics of the meeting more clearly after the meeting ends.

When asked what impact the resignation of the Russian government can have on Russian-Armenian relations, Makunts stated the following: “The resignation of the Russian government and the relations between Russia and Armenia have absolutely nothing to do with each other. The processes unfolding in Russia are only linked to the domestic political processes taking place in the country.”