The Chinese government has welcomed the first phase of the deal with Washington and stated that both sides need to resolve the main issues, AP reported.

The first phase of the trade deal suggests that Beijing and Washington can find suitable and effective solutions to relevant issues through dialogue, said Foreign Ministry spokesperson Geng Shuang.

It is imperative that both parties work together, adhere to the principles of equality and mutual respect, strictly abide by the agreement, consider each other’s main problems and work diligently to implement the agreement, he said adding that Beijing wants the tariffs imposed earlier on most of Chinese exports to the US to be lifted, which could not be done within the deal signed the day before. Trump's administation noted that sanctions some sanctions should remain even after the deal signed.

President Donald Trump has already noted he plans to visit Beijing to begin the second phase of talks, but economists believe that their remaining issues are so complex that a deal is unlikely to be reached before the US presidential election in November.