The Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute believes it is important to create a database of Armenian Genocide victims and survivors, memoirs and videos, and it is seeking sources of funding to achieve these goals. This is what Director of the Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute Harutyun Marutyan told reporters today.

Summing up the results of the work completed in 2019, Marutyan stated that he was satisfied with the fact that the Museum-Institute had published the two regular issues of the Journal of Genocide Studies (2018 and 2019), started publishing the English-language International Journal of Armenian Genocide Studies again, hosted several conferences and explored 35 unpublished memoirs kept in the funds.

“Besides that, the Museum-Institute has hosted 19 methodical seminars with foreign and Armenian specialists, reinstated the Rafael Lemkin Scholarship and hosted several exhibitions.  As for international cooperation, the Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute has collaborated with the Camp des Milles Foundation, the house-museum and archive of Johannes Lepsius, the Canadian Museum for Human Rights and the Pilke Institute in Poland,” Marutyan added.

Head of the funds of the Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute Gohar Khanumyan informed that the Museum-Institute will be hosting a conference and exhibition dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the self-defense of the Armenians in Cilicia this year.