Transparency International has released a report in which it has also addressed the state of corruption in Armenia. Well-known economist Daron Ajemoglu has also commented on the anti-corruption manifestations in Armenia, reports Voice of America.

With a score of 42, Armenia improves by seven points since last year. Following the revolution in 2018 and the formation of a new parliament, the country has demonstrated promising developments in advancing anticorruption policy reforms. This is stated in Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index 2019.

The organization has classified Armenia and Kosovo along with the countries where it is necessary to follow the developments in the year to come. The report also states the following: “Despite these improvements, conflicts of interests and nontransparent and unaccountable public operations remain impediments to ending corruption in the country.

While improving political integrity will take time and resources, increasing public trust in law enforcement and the judiciary are critical first steps in ensuring appropriate checks and balances and improving anti-corruption efforts.”

In his turn, well-known economist Daron Acemoglu told Voice of America that he urges not to turn the fight against corruption into a way of persecuting political rivals. He brought China’s example which he said is far from having effective anti-corruption policy.

“If any influential leader or faction controls state bodies and persecutes rivals it weakens these bodies,” Acemoglu said

He stressed that from the very beginning there was a danger that Armenia would follow a vicious path and this danger still exists.