Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan has publicized the promised fact about president Hrayr Tovmasyan of the Constitutional Court (CC) of Armenia.

“This is Hrayr Tovmasyan's pen. I'd been thinking about whether or not throwing it to the garbage bin for a long time,” he wrote, in particular, on Facebook. “In the end, I decided to keep, as a testimony of the most bizarre buttering-up, flattery I've ever seen.

After being elected Prime Minister, I met with Hrayr Tovmasyan for the first time at the meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Hayastan All Armenian Fund convened in May2018. He was sitting next to me.

It seemed strange to me, Mr. Tovmasyan's obviously flattering attitude towards me—a man as a result of whose actions his longtime political team had been crushed just days earlier.

Then I had to make a note, I couldn't find my pen, (...) he suggested this ‘elite’ pen of his.

I made my notes, gave a talk, and my attempts to return the pen to him became a story.

In short, this pen remained with me as a ‘pledge of faithfulness.’

Anyway, then the petitions for a reception by me started. I didn't accept.

Then July 5 [Constitution Day anniversary] was drawing near. ‘Message-requests’ began for me to participate in the reception to be held at the CC that day.

I refused, moreover, several times because I understood that the person occupying the CC wanted achieve legitimacy in this way.

Then we met in the Christmas [church] liturgy in 2019. He began buttering up to [my wife] Anna [Hakobyan] that, 'I thank you for giving my daughter scholarship.'

Then, the person whom he referenced recently came to me several times to report that 'Hrayr says, ‘I wrote this Constitution. Why doesn't the Prime Minister use my capabilities?'

In response, I suggested to him to go somewhere far, far away."