The Council of the National Assembly ended its session a short while ago, and the modified versions of the bills were presented. Now there is only one issue on the agenda, and that is the issue of amendments to the Constitution. This is what head of the Bright Armenia faction of the National Assembly Edmon Marukyan told reporters today.

“The rest of the bills submitted by Vahagn Hovakimyan and placed into circulation are no longer on the agenda. The special session of the National Assembly will be held today at 1 p.m. The duration of the session will be announced in the beginning, but the session is expected to last for five hours. The only bill that will be considered will be the bill on amendments to the Constitution in one reading,” Marukyan said, adding that there will be a vote either today or tomorrow morning.

When asked if the bill is going to be forwarded to the Constitutional Court before the second reading, Marukyan said it has to be forwarded to the Constitutional Court for an opinion, regardless of whether it is amended in parliament or introduced for a referendum.