YEREVAN. – Zhoghovurd daily of Armenia writes: As it is known, both the "Yes" and "No" parties have the right to nominate two members each to the 7-member precinct electoral commission on the day of the constitutional amendments’ referendum to take place on April 5. [A total of] 4,016 members must be represented by each part, whereas the deadline for submitting [respective] lists is March 1.

And in this respect, the supporters of "No" are in a difficult situation. They had even appealed to the former ruling Republican and Dashnaktsutyun, as well as to the parliamentary opposition Bright Armenia and Prosperous Armenia [Parties] with a request to be included in the commissions from the "No" campaign.

These days, the supporters of "No" are doing everything to have representatives in every [election] precinct. And, except for the PAP, the others are in fact not opposed to having their authorized members be represented by "No" in the precinct commissions.