During a conversation with reporters today, representative of the Office for Economic Research of the Bureau of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation-Dashnaktsutyun political party, economist Suren Parsyan said he hopes the coronavirus situation is solved by April since the virus has dealt a major blow to tour operators and tourism in Armenia, for that matter.

According to the analyst, people aren’t taking any trips abroad, and the country has recorded a decline in the flow of tourists. The economist added that this deals a major blow to small travel agencies, most of which are closing their doors.

Moreover, as the analyst stated, flights in several directions have already been canceled. Parsyan also stated that if Armenia follows the example of Georgia and Azerbaijan and closes its borders, this will make the situation more complicated than it already is.

According to Parsyan, the coronavirus situation clearly showed the weak sides of Armenia’s economy and domestic policy, and the government needs to be more attentive to healthcare and pay special attention to the development of state clinics and hospitals, not close them.