Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan said the following live on Facebook:

“At this moment, there are 13 confirmed cases of coronavirus, and most of the infected people are those who interacted with the infected woman in Etchmiadzin.

Overall, at this moment, 100 people are isolated in Etchmiadzin. The woman from Etchmiadzin arrived in Armenia on February 29, after which the Ministry of Healthcare had addressed the woman on a regular basis, but she had concealed her disease. If she hadn’t concealed it, there would have been 6 cases, not 13.

Out of the 31 people isolated at Golden Palace Hotel, 28 will go home today. Two people have confirmed cases of coronavirus, and the third person, whose family member has coronavirus and has interacted with a carrier of the virus during this period, will remain isolated. Two people, who tested positive for coronavirus, will be transferred to a hospital. Another 2 people, who have the coronavirus, are from Etchmiadzin. One has arrived from France."