Six employees of the cleaning service of the Civil Office of the National Guard of the Ministry of Defense of Georgia have been infected with coronavirus and have been under quarantine since March 21, the statement of the Ministry of Defense reads, reports Sputnik-Georgia.

The ministry’s administration has taken strict measures to prevent the spread of the virus. All those who have had contact with the infected employees are under quarantine and are self-isolated, in accordance with all the rules. In particular, eight people having had contact with the employees have been transported to the military hospital in Gori for further checkups.

Moreover, the ministry has managed to find the source of the infection, and apparently, the person who infected the others is a friend of one of the infected who had arrived from Azerbaijan.

On March 29, based on the information on the government’s, Georgia has reported 90 coronavirus cases, 18 patients have recovered, 4,717 people are under quarantine, and 268 people are being treated.