During a briefing with reporters in Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh Republic) today, commander of the Defense Army Jalal Harutyunyan said the situation on the border is currently under control and the commanders and fixed-term servicemen are doing everything they can to increase alertness even more.

When asked what steps are being taken to make sure servicemen aren’t killed in time of peace, particularly the incidents that took place in January, Harutyunyan said the following: “Criminal cases have been instituted in relation to all the incidents, law-enforcement authorities are working in this direction, and you can be rest assured that the people who led the servicemen to such situation will be punished, regardless of position or situation.”

When asked about the elections in Artsakh and if there is risk that the coronavirus will spread to servicemen in the army, the army commander said the following: “It’s easier to oversee preventive actions in the army than within civil institutions. As far as the elections are concerned, everything was agreed with the President in terms of hours, voting of servicemen and protection.”