The third citizen who has tested positive for coronavirus in Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh Republic) and who is a citizen of the Republic of Armenia, has been transported to the Republic of Armenia, as reported the Information Headquarters of Artsakh.

“The inter-agency commission coordinating the activities for prevention of the spread of the novel coronavirus in Artsakh reports that the self-isolated residents of the Mirik, Moshatagh and Tsitsernavank villages of Kashatagh will be provided with necessary foodstuff soon.

The Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Resettlement of the Republic of Artsakh has already provided Mirik village with 15 days of food, and the other villages will receive food in the days to come.

The Ministry of Health reports that the health condition of the two citizens having gotten tested for coronavirus is normal and don’t have symptoms of the virus.