New details are known about the horrific incident that took place in Yerevan on Tuesday morning.

Accordingly, at about 7:40am, the Police and the 911 hotline received a call that there were dead bodies between two buildings.

Police and rescuers who arrived at the scene found the dead bodies of Karen M., 40, an 8-year-old boy and a 5-year-old girl who were the residents of one of these buildings, reported.

Several people who had gathered at the scene said. "The father lived with the children on the ninth floor of the 92 building, and according to the information we received, the father threw the children out of the window and then threw himself." The neighbors added that the man was divorced.

According to the source, the man had called his ex-wife a day ago, saying that he missed his children, asked her to come to his house with the kids. And when it had gotten late, he told her ex-wife that they could not go out at this late time, they should stay there, and go in the morning—and this tragedy happened in the morning.

Yerevan resident throws child from 9th floor